TGI Reporting Solutions

Marketers who want to gain strategic and actionable insights from data, but do not wish to have all the surveys in-house, have the option of tapping into the expertise of TGI’s team of research analysts who can interrogate TGI’s powerful data to answer their specific research questions. The surveys provide an infinite choice of analyses from simple market overviews through to a detailed analysis of a competitive environment, which our team will undertake at your specification.

A TGI report can empower research insights relating to current consumer perceptions and/or trend these, with the option of sourcing data back to 2003:

1. Market overview - essential market insights to help expand into a new category or territory

  • Evaluate the opportunities for expanding your brand into new markets
  • Facilitate market evaluation - gain a broad understanding of market dynamics and your potential customers
  • Gain insight on your potential new customers
  • Begin to develop your marketing strategy through knowing:
    • The size of the market
    • The demographic profiles
    • The trends over time
    • Who the leading players are

2. 360º view of existing or potential customers - gaining a better understanding of existing and potential customers

  • Get the complete picture on customers' lives and attitudes, by engaging on a more personal level
  • Ensure the personality of your brand correlates with the lifestyles of its users
  • Develop marketing strategies that are relevant to consumers (or segments of consumers) - get to grips with what motivates them
  • Tap into your customers' interests - understand their favorite newspaper sections, music, films and TV programs
  • Identify the best sponsorship opportunities that exist for your target audience

3. Understanding brand choice - learning about the key brands driving categories, in terms of users and positioning

  • Gain an overview of the brand landscape to help steer your marketing strategies
  • Evaluate which consumer groups yield best opportunities
  • Predict what might happen in the future - appreciate how brands have performed over time
  • Understand the motivations behind brand choice - identify the key attitudinal themes that differentiate brand users

4 kamagra oral jelly uk. Competitor analysis - understanding more about the interrelation between competing brands within categories

  • Uncover the opportunities to exploit, and the threats to defend
  • Refine your approach - identify the key differences and similarities between competing brands
  • Predict what might happen in the future - understand how the category and brands have fared over time to create the current market conditions
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the competitive environment to help steer your marketing strategies

5. Attitudes and motivations of customers - recognizing what motivates consumers in target groups, and makes them choose one brand over the competitive set

  • Understand existing and potential customers' behaviour based on their fundamental priorities in life
  • Identify the key factors that drive consumers to choose one brand over the competitive set
  • Reveal synergies between brands and the attitudes of their users
  • Develop marketing strategies that tap into customers' core interests and values

6. Identifying sponsorship opportunities - identifying what characterizes target groups, and prioritize suitable sponsorship and promotional opportunities

  • Search across all categories in order to identify the optimal sponsorship and promotional opportunities
  • Pick out the top relationships for your brand without bias from user input or selection
  • Understand the key dynamics within a target audience's broader lifestyle repertoire
  • Improve strategic planning for a brand

7. International comparisons

  • All Global TGI studies follow standardized guidelines and formats, but with the flexibility to fully reflect local market needs and characteristics.
  • 60+ countries across 6 continents, conducting 800,000+ interviews annually, representing 1.5+ billion consumers are measured.
  • The geographical reach of the Global TGI surveys allows not only individual country depth analysis, but also the ability to understand the differences and similarities of customers/potential customers across countries. Global comparisons support a Global Marketing approach.


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