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TGI SA has a team of research analysts who can interrogate the surveys to answer your research questions. This service is ideal for clients whose requirements are intensive/complex, or for those who prefer to outsource their research soutions to a trusted partner.

Our expert servicing team supports clients to exceed their strategic business and research goals thought a tailored service solution.

Our service offering includes:

  • Subscribing clients partner with a dedicated research analyst who will ensure that all your research needs are attended to. This key partnership includes interrogating the survey to uncover strategic product, brand and category opportunities acheter prednisolone en ligne. They go beyond the numbers to find real insights that will differentiate and grow your brand.
  • Expert training scheduled at a convenient location, provides basic and advanced training, book training now.
  • Dedicated servicing hours are allocated to each subscribing client and can be utilised in the form of daily data runs or stragetic insight workshops, at your premises.
  • An opportunity to ensure that the questionnaire is locally relevant and that it meets your needs. Bi-annual questionnaire updates and innovations are offered exclusively to subscribing clients.
  • Helpdesk support is a phone call away, for immediate assistance to support your analysis needs.

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