TGI is the global source-code for all brand and product decisions.

TGI was started in the UK in 1969 to provide marketing, advertising and media industries with a tool to measure target groups who use a broad spectrum of consumer goods and services. Since the first Target Group Index was conducted in 1969, TGI has consolidated its position as the global standard for single-source surveys, available in over 60 countries. This has been due to a schedule of innovation and progression, which has consistently added value to the end product, while retaining the vital function of producing meaningful trended data over the years. TGI's emphasis on excellent client service has put it at the forefront of current research solutions.

TGI research, for which Ask Afrika own the South African copyright, specialises in the management and provision of ‘syndicated continuous research’– providing media owners, brand owners/advertisers, agencies and industry with the source- code for strategic marketing, brand, product, advertising and media planning decisions. Ask Afrika’s knowledge of brands is extensive and as owners of the local TGI license, they are the leaders in brand expertise in South Africa. The Ask Afrika/TGI relationship offers clients a one-stop research solution for all the strategic business and research needs.

TGI is celebrating its 11th birthday this year in South Africa. It offers insights through interviewing 15,000 adult consumers annually, measuring 8,000+ brands across 19 sectors which intelligently integrate lifestyle, media and demographic insights. These inform new product development, they identify consumer trends to inspire creativity, they identify market gaps/opportunities and competitive advantages. They also differentiate effective target markets to unravel purchase decisions; they distinguish sponsorship opportunities, and inform digital and media strategies.

"TGI can provide a 'Touchpoints' type of survey which can function as modular plug-in to an establishment survey and be bought by those wanting to acquire in-depth brand information. TGI's SELs (Socio-Economic Levels) are a good alternative to LSMs (Living Standards Measures), with more comprehensive segmentation. The selection and weighting of robust TGI samples is based on global best practice."

TGI BEE Status

Target Group Index (TGI) has a Level Three, B-BBEE rating. As a recognised value adding enterprise, our clients are able to claim B-BBEE recognition of 100%.

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Research Scope

TGI is unique in that it is a single source survey. Single source means that all the information on the database comes from one source, one person that answers detailed questions on broad areas. These include product and brand consumption, lifestyles/attitudes and habits over a wide range of topics, media consumption and demographics. This method allows us to create a very detailed profile of your consumer that cannot otherwise be achieved. This results in gaining a deep understanding of the South African consumer and your particular target market.

TGI annually interviews 15,000 respondents, aged 15+ living in urban areas. TGI uses a stratified random probability sample and the data is weighted to the STATS SA population estimates. To ensure a nationally representative sample, the survey is based on enumerated area (EA) sampling. The data is collected in six waves of 2,500 interviews each and is collected over a 10 month period, through continuous fieldwork.

TGI adheres to a gold global standard that is audited regularly by TGI Global. This audit covers all aspects of the research process to ensure that best quality data is collected. In this endeavour we are supported by our loyal partners which include Ask Afrika in South Africa, IMRB in India and BMRB in London.

The measurement’s data is updated bi-annually ensuring its relevance and flexibility. Custom-made segmentations can be included in the survey, allowing you to analyse the TGI data by your own target audience profile.

Benfits to Media Owners

Media Planning Strategies

Strategic Planning

Identify media consumption and convergence, media switch and potential new audiences

Media Analysis

Cross tab any of the +30,000 variables with any media channel, to inform any brand owner brief, sales pitch, media buyer brief or competitor analysis

Global Benchmarking

Support a global strategy through understanding international consumer trends and consumer confidence in 60+ markets

Competitive IQ (brands, channels, competitors)

Competitive Landscaping

Identify market opportunities and threats, refining your approach and steering your strategies

Audience Trends

Keep up to date with today’s South African consumer and predict possible, future trends

Sponsorship & Promotions

With 570+ product sectors, identify optimal sponsorship and promotional opportunities

Pitching to Brand Owners

Sell advertising space by linking brand owners’ consumers to your media

Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling

Get the full 360o audience, let your media engage more personally and ensure the personality of your media correlates with your audience’s lifestyle of your target

Media Attitudes

With +120 media attitudes, you can understand emotional connections and motivations for consumer preferred mediums


Create an in-built audience segmentation that can be tracked every 6 months

Programming & Content

Audience Interests & Motivations

Identify audience specific interests, lifestyle and motivations to develop strategies that inform programming, content and scheduling.

Benfits to Brand Owners

Brand Planning & Marketing Strategies

Strategic Planning

Identify market gaps and opportunities, industry developments and consumer shifts.

Marketing Analysis

Understand consumer’s shopping behaviour and share of wallet.

Global Benchmarking

Support a global strategy through understanding international consumer trends and consumer confidence in 60+ markets.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Landscaping

Identify market opportunities and threats, refining your approach and steering your strategies.

Consumer Trends

Keep up to date with today’s South African consumer and predict possible, future trends.

Market Overview

Expand your brand into new markets by evaluating market dynamics and potential new consumers/ audiences.

Consumer Profiling

Consumer Profiling

Get the full 360° market, engage more personally and ensure the personality of your brand correlates with your market’s lifestyle.

Media Attitudes

With +120 media attitudes, you can understand emotional connections and motivations for consumer preferred mediums.


Create an in-built target market segmentation that can be tracked every 6 months.

Product Enhancement

Brand Awareness

Evaluate how your campaigns enable consumer knowledge and awareness of your brand's existence.

Sponsorship & Promotions

With 570+ product sectors, identify optimal sponsorship and promotional opportunities for your brand.

At TGI our energetic business leadership team is committed to maintaining the highest principles of integrity and developing successful strategic client relationships. Our leadership connect TGI through harnessing engaged, talented, intellectual and motivated employee teams to advance our clients’ decision-making platforms.


Andrea Rademeyer

Chairman and Founder





MA Research




Andrea Gevers-Rademeyer is the CEO and founder of Ask Afrika. She did her Masters thesis on the role of research in modern business. Andrea is very much part of the history of Ask Afrika. She started the company 18 years ago as a one-woman show and, with exceptional brilliance, vision, creativity, and tenacity, built the company to a research and marketing organization that operates in Southern Africa for both local and global companies. She established the Ask Afrika Orange Index® -- a benchmark that measures service excellence in industry, and the Ask Afrika Trust Barometer®, another benchmark against which company directors vote for the most reputable companies, and their peers for the most trusted CEOs in various fields in business. Each year prestigious events are held during which the winners of each category in each section are announced. As founder and CEO of the company, Andrea was the South African representative at the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research professionals known as ESOMAR until 2007. She is also registered with the South African Marketing Research Association and, as a research psychologist, with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She was awarded Business Woman of the Year, as well as the prestigious Tuks Alumni Laureate Award in 2003. Under Andrea’s continued commitment to walk the talk of the company, Ask Afrika has achieved the 2009 Deloitte Best Company to Work For Standard of Excellence Award by gaining first position in the marketing industry. In her spare time, she can be found playing the flute, reading a biography, or cooking something exotic for friends and family.

Maria Petousis

TGI Director and Sales




B Com Hons



Maria Petousis is responsible to define and implement strategy at the Target Group Index (TGI), to select and lead the team to meet strategy as well as to secure new sales revenue. Maria focuses the team towards managing its growth markets effectively as well as managing all business information. She has diverse skills in both customised and syndicated research. Her business analytical fields of expertise include media and marketing strategy, brand equity, competitive analysis and customer satisfaction benchmarks, amongst others.

She is passionate in capitalizing on the TGI product to ensure industry specific analyses, identifying consumer trends to ensure strategic value to clients whilst staying abreast of changing consumer behaviours. She gears the TGI Icon Brands benchmark survey - South Africa's broadest brand benchmark of 15,000 interviews across 550 product categories, identifying brands where loyal consumption and usage combined, identify winning status. In her spare time, Maria enjoys the gym, reading, travelling and the arts, through colorful mosaic creations.


Client Servicing

Deon Boardman
Key Accounts Manager
+27 12 428 7400

Melissa McNeely
Key Accounts Manager

Minnette Nieuwoudt
Research Executive
+27 12 428 7400

Sotira Petrou
Research Executive
+27 12 428 7400

Client testimonials - Training

"Thanks so much for coming through today to start basic training on TGI for our core strategy team - it was really clear, informative and honestly fun. We are all definitely keen to learn as much as possible and use TGI through Choices to its maximum ability. We will be sure to ask you for help / bounce ideas off you as we go along the process. We are SAs biggest media agency with the biggest blue chip clients and if we can have each an every one of those clients become a TGI client I will be a very happy chappy indeed. So anything we can do to help that happen, please let me know." by OMD South Africa
Ross Sergeant, Group Director of Strategy - OMD South Africa

Client testimonials - Icon Brands

"“The TGI Icon Brand Report empowered BP by giving us new campaign ideas stemming from the insights. Our Ads-to-Bags initiative was born out of the social capital Icon Brand insight. The research was of great value in assisting us to create better briefs by using TGI’s insights together with our segmentation insights. TGI Icon Brands delivered great value and assisted us in improving our brand through the facilitation of superior ideas, which translated into more creative and strategic briefs. We gained greater insight into areas requiring improvement in our marketing initiatives and we increased clarity on key focus areas from a consumer-centric perspective.”" by BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
Liesel Laas, Market Research Manager - BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
"“Our TGI award as an ICON brand, has entrenched Edgars’ positive reputation amongst customers, staff and media. The public recognition of this accolade has given Edgars staff a sense of pride – motivating them to continue the quest to delight our Edgars customers. In addition, the market data collected from the TGI survey proved most insightful.”" by Edgars
Belinda Godfrey, Edgars Marketing Executive

Client testimonials - Brand Owners

"“Wow! I’m gobsmacked! I have just been re-born. My advertising briefs will never be the same again.”" by Aspen Pharmacare
Luvuyo Ngoma, Marketing Head - Consumer - Aspen Pharmacare - Consumer Division

Client testimonials – Media Owners

"“TGI makes arguments credible”; “TGI is relevant”; “TGI’s insights drive product development”; “TGI supports our media type”" by Continental Outdoor
Lyn Jones, Marketing Manager - Continental Outdoor

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