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TGI research, for which Ask Afrika own the South African copyright, is a single source sample of 15 000, it has a global geographic coverage of 67 markets and measures services and products, media and brands. Ask Afrika’s knowledge of brands is extensive and as owners of the local TGI license, they are the leaders in brand expertise in South Africa.

Ask Afrika is well known for delivering strategic and large scale field projects and for creating benchmarks for industry. Their exclusive product suite includes TGI Icon Brands, the Ask Afrika Orange Index®, Trust Barometer™ and Radio Moods™. Ask Afrika is proud of their exceptional service delivery with offices based in Pretoria, Stellenbosch…Learn More

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TGI SA has a team of research analysts who can interrogate the surveys to answer your research questions. This service is ideal for clients whose requirements are intensive/complex, or for those who prefer to outsource their research soutions to a trusted partner. Choose your Solution here...

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The partnership between TGI and Ask Afrika has great benefits as customised reports are written providing meaningful, actionable steps for your business. Customised segmentation and analysis is performed on the data providing insights, recommendations and proposed strategies for the way forward. In this way data is transformed into knowledge.

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